Offers at the AfA Trier

As long as you are in AfA Trier, you can take advantage of the following offers with us.

Social and procedural counselling (SuV)

As part of social and procedural advice we try to clarify emerging questions about staying at AfA Trier. This includes:
  • an initial orientation about what will happen here on site and in the near future
  • a preparation fort he course oft he asylum procedure and the associated dates
  • other social concerns arising during the stay
  • In addition, we support you in the placement of further specialist services, contact with the authorities, lawyers, etc.

    Social group offers and outreach work

    In addition to the usual work in the office we also offer offers outside the asylum procedure to strengthen the physical and mental health of the residents. This includes group offers that range from sport activities to artistic creativ groups and are open to you without registration.
    Furthermore, if necessary, the transition to therapeutic group offers and help can take place.

    Therapeutic aids

    The therapeutic aids serve your mental stabilisation. To this end, we would like to help you to deal with stressful events in your home country and during the flight and to develop strategies that you can fall back on in difficult situations. We offer different offers to support you according to your needs. These incluce:

  • Individual offers with a focus on trauma management
  • Group offers for emotion regulation
  • Body-oriented therapies
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